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- match the birth control method with its description. (1) withdrawal 0. kills sperm (2) rhythm method a. keeps sperm out of vagina or from entering cervix (3) condom b. increases thickness of cervical mucus to inhibit sperm from entering the uterus (4) spermicide c. no intercourse during fertile times (5) estrogen and progesterone d. penis removed from vagina before ejaculation pills (6) iud e. sperm cells never reach penis (7) vasectomy f. prevent follicle maturation and ovulation (8) tubal ligation g. oocytes never reach uterus Get the answer
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- mean test score was 200 with a standard deviation of 40- mean number of years of service was 20 years with a standard deviation of 2 years. in compa


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- miguel, ¿qué piensas hacer esta noche? ___ ir a la fiesta. o a. vamos b. pienso c. voy d. pensamos


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- montel uses 12 ounces of sugar to make 40 fluid ounces of lemonade. if he makes 120 fluid ounces of lemonade to bring to a party, how many ounces o