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- create a dictionary for a dragon with details: name => "smaug" or any string title => "king under the mountain, lord smaug" or any string level => any number abilitylist, (a list of strings that contains the ability names) - 'gravity field' - 'ascend' - 'dragon rage' - 'stoneplate' - 'reborn' attackdamage => any number mana => any number abilitypower => any number armor => any number magicresist => any number isangry => true or false - using the dictionary you created, print the title and isangry, also print the first ability from the ability list - update dragon's level to 100 using something like this: dictionary[key] = 100 (replace the dictionary and key with your dragon's variable name and actual key name, like 'level') Get the answer
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- define in your own words, claim, data, and warrant. 5 - write your claim/data/warrant ‘paragraph’ about dogs versus cats. 6 - write a small parag


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- discuss narrative point of view. where does it shift? (this occurs when the narrator uses words rosemary would use herself.)


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- draven schoberg says, "my stomach would rumble during class, but i'd always try to laugh it off." her tone can best be described as a reflective and