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- 4.06 quiz: mythology 2 part a what is the central idea in the newsela article "joseph campbell and the hero's journey") story analysts study heroes in blockbuster films screenwriters adapt the monomyth model in films today campbell found that many stories have a similar structure good storytellers read campbell's work to develop strong characters Get the answer
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- finding the coordinate that yields a given slope the points (2,r) and (6,-2) lie on a line with slope -3/4 find the missing coordinate r.


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- gawain sa pagkatuto bilang 3: basahin at isagawa ang mganakasaad na panuto. matapos gawin ang mga ito ay sagutin angmga tanong na nasa ibaba nito.


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- given: pqrs is a rectangle. put a checkmark in every box that must be true. you will put more than one checkmark. has two pairs of parallel sides h