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*please answer* the first thirty years of the communist soviet union was ruled by joseph stalin. which of the following best describes life under stalinism? a.) life under stalinism was ideal as there was little gap between the rich and the poor. b.) millions of people died under the reign of stalin, since his main goal was keeping power. c.) stalinism insured that everyone in the country received equal access to opportunities. d.) soviet citizens welcomed the sacrifices of industrialization. Get the answer
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*please answer* what does it mean to lower one's carbon footprint? a.) to lessen his/her personal introduction of atmospheric ch4 b.) to increase his


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*please answer* what event began the holocaust? a.) germany's use of the blitzkrieg strategy b.) the invasion of poland by germany c.) the kristallna


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*please answer* what idea about overpopulation was first proposed by the scholar thomas malthus? a.) overpopulation of any species does not exist. b.)