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*please answer quick* the normal monthly temperatures (°f) for omaha, nebraska, are recorded below. -write a sinusoidal function that models omaha’s monthly temperature variation -use the model to estimate the normal temperature during the month of april. 1). a. y=28 cod ( pi/6t- -7pi/6)+49 b y(4)= 49 ° 2). a. y=49 cos( pi/6t- 7pi/6) +28 b y(4)=56° 3). a. y=28 sin(pi\6t- 7pi/6) +49 b. y(4)=49° 4). a. y=28 cos(pi/12t + 7pi/12)+49 b. y(4)=49° Get the answer
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*please answer* the first thirty years of the communist soviet union was ruled by joseph stalin. which of the following best describes life under sta


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*please answer* which type of greenhouse gases have a human source? a.) nitrous b.) fluoridated gases


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*please answer* how did the united nations, which was created in 1945, handle pacts and treaties that had been made before the end of world war ii? a