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*please answer , im confused* how did george washington's political beliefs affect his term as president? a.) his beliefs on limited individual power inspired term limits. b.) his belief in legislative power limited presidential power. c.) his reliance on the military made military service essential. d.) his passion for states' rights resulted in constrained presidential power. Get the answer
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*please answer!! im confusedd* mark all similarities between a civil trial and a criminal trial. (check all that apply) 1.) remedy 2.) arrest 3.) pr


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*please answer!!! asap!* choose all of the answers that apply to catabolic metabolism (check all that apply) a.) dehydration synthesis is an example


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*please answer* if you were to plot (10, -2) and (-3, 8), what two quadrants would you be in? a.) quadrant iv and quadrant iii b.) quadrant iii and