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*need help asap* select the correct answer. which word best describes the mood of this excerpt from anton chekhov’s “the three sisters”? (in prosorov's house. a sitting-room with pillars; behind is seen a large dining-room. it is midday, the sun is shining brightly outside. in the dining-room the table is being laid for lunch.) (olga, in the regulation blue dress of a teacher at a girl's high school, is walking about correcting exercise books; masha, in a black dress, with a hat on her knees, sits and reads a book; irina, in white, stands about, with a thoughtful expression.) olga: it's just a year since father died last may the fifth, on your name-day, irina. it was very cold then, and snowing. i thought i would never survive it, and you were in a dead faint. and now a year has gone by and we are already thinking about it without pain, and you are wearing a white dress and your face is happy. (clock strikes twelve) and the clock struck just the same way then. (pause) i remember that there was music at the funeral, and they fired a volley in the cemetery. he was a general in command of a brigade but there were few people present. of course, it was raining then, raining hard, and snowing. irina: why think about it! a. sentimental b. joyous c. mysterious d. comical e. excited Get the answer
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*only three of the four will be used and they must be in the correct order* arrange the systems of equations that have a single solution in increasing


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*opening writing prompt* read the opening paragraph of "the leap" and, in the my notes section, write a brief description of the character you visual


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*p6-9b reliable camera mart sells a wide variety of special digital cameras and uses a perpetualinventory system. on may 1, 2008, reliable had five mo