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*20 points* a rancher’s herd of 250 sheep grazes over a 40-acre pasture. he would like to find out how many sheep are grazing on each acre of the pasture at any given time, so he has some images of the pasture taken by the state department of agriculture’s aerial photography division. here are three samples of the images. sample 1: 4 sample 2: 1 sample 3: 9 how do the sample statistics compare to the population mean and standard deviation? Get the answer
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*3 questions* 1. how does hamlet stand out from the rest of the characters? 2. how does hamlet react to the orders given by the ghost? 3. scene one i


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*3. given that ? = {even numbers between 0 and 30} p= {multiples of 6 between 0 and 30}q = {multiples of 4 between 0 and 30}find (puq).


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*3. write a paragraph that explains how rome managed to unite most of the italian peninsula by 265bce. your paragraph must have a topic sentence, at