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***help help help help help please*** grandfather banged his cane on the floor. "i didn't run from the redcoats, and i won't run from a dockside miasma. what is wrong with people, andrew? we suffered all kinds of disease in our youth, but folks were sensible. they didn't squall like children and hide in the woods." mr. carris cleared his throat. —fever 1793, laurie halse anderson what two historical facts does the author include in this passage? -a during the revolutionary war era, disease was common in philadelphia. -b people believed miasmas were healthy and should be part of a person’s diet. -c grandfather was a general. -d british soldiers were called redcoats during the revolution. -e people often hid in the woods. Get the answer
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***please help*** if the expression f2+g4?2f+1 is rewritten in the form a2+(g2)2, what must be the value of a?


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***please help*** which function results after applying the sequence of transformations to f(x) = x5? • reflect across the line y = x • shift up 2 un


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***please i need help fast*** you are trying to decide between 2 banks. bank a is offering you an interest rate of 2% compounded quarterly and bank b