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a cell in the kidney is specialized to aid in water reabsorption, while a cell in connective tissue helps to provide structure and support in the body. how can cells, such as kidney cells and connective tissue cells, become specialized to carry out certain functions? choose 1 answer. a cells become specialized by having a different genetic makeup. b cells become specialized by changing their genetic sequences according to the needs of the organism. c cells become specialized by expressing some genes, but not others. Get the answer
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a cell is round and cannot produce its own food. which organelle does this cell have?(1 point) a:central vacuole b:cell wall c:plasma membrane d:chlo


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a cell is set up with copper and lead electrodes in contact with cuso4(aq) and pb(no3)2(aq), respectively, at 25°c. the standard reduction potentials


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a cell is taken from an environment that has a high salt concentration and is placed into an environment that does not contain any salt. what effect w