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a catapult launches a test rocket vertically upward from a well, giving the rocket an initial speed of 80.6 m/s at ground level. the engines then fire, and the rocket accelerates upward at 3.90 m/s2 until it reaches an altitude of 1150 m. at that point its engines fail, and the rocket goes into free fall, with an acceleration of ?9.80 m/s2. (you will need to consider the motion while the engine is operating and the free-fall motion separately.) (a) for what time interval is the rocket in motion above the ground? (b) what is its maximum altitude? (c) what is its velocity just before it hits the ground? Get the answer
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a catcher catches a 145 g baseball traveling horizontally at 36.0 m/s. how large an impulse does the ball give to the catcher? if it takes the ball 25


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a catcher in a baseball game stops a pitched ball that was originally moving at 47.0 m/s over a distance of 11.5 cm. the mass of the ball is 0.145 kg.


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a caterer charges a fixed cost for preparing a dinner plus an additional cost for each person served. you know that the cost for 100 students will be