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a catapult launches a large stone at a speed of 45.0 m/s at an angle of 55.0° with the horizontal. what maximum height does the stone reach? (a) 45.7 m (b) 32.7 m (c) 69.3 m (d) 83.2 m (e) 102 m Get the answer
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a cataract is a clouding or opacity that develops in the eye's lens, often in older people. in extreme cases, the lens of the eye may need to be remov


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a catch block that expects an integer argument will catch:. a. all exceptions b. all integer exceptions c. any exception value that can be coerced


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a catcher catches a 145 g baseball that was originally traveling horizontally at 36.0 m/s towards the north. (a) calculate the change in momentum of t