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). in a titration, a student obtained an average titre value of 3.9 cm3 of 0.3 m hcl. if the volume of na2co3 solution used is 10 cm3 and the indicator used is phenolphthalein, calculate; (i). the molarity of the na2co3 (4 marks) (ii). the mass concentration of the na2 theco3. (4 marks) assume that themass concentration of na2co3.xh2o is 33g/dm3 and with the formula below Get the answer
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): suppose that you buy a two-year 8% bond at its face value. a. what will be your nominal return over the two years if inflation is 3% in the first y


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)a ball is hit straight up with an initial speed of 50 meters per second. what is the speed of the ball 3 seconds after it is hit? [neglect friction.]


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)a coin is weighted so that the probability of heads is 0.8. the coin is tossed 20 times, and the number of heads is recorded. this procedure is repea