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) the 8th grade t-shirt sells for $12 and costs $9.45 to make. the school sells 215 of them to their 8th graders. if they allocate 85% of the profits to the 8th grade dance. which expression could be used to calculate the amount of money they raised for the dance? a.) 215(12 - 9.45)(0.85) b.) 215(12)(85) c.) 215(12-9.45)(.15) d.) 215(12 - 9.45)(85) e.) 215(12) - (9.45)(.85) Get the answer
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) the national highway traffic safety administration collects data on seat-belt use and publishes results in the document occupant restraint use. of 1


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) the angular acceleration of the disk is defined by = 3t 2 + 12 rad/s, where t is in seconds. if the disk is originally rotating at 0 = 12 rad/s. a)


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) the baseballs are shipped in boxes of 16. what is the pro shipped in boxes of 16. what is the probability that at least 15 of the 16 baseballs a pac