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) describe griffith’s experiment and the “transforming principle”. b) explain avery’s findings from his experiment and list the key steps in the process that avery’s team used to identify the transforming principle. c) defend how the model organism, bacteriophage became a crucial/important factor in hershey and chases’ discovery of the transforming principle. Get the answer
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) electrons are accelerated from rest through a potential difference of 340kev. (note: the rest-mass energy of an electron is 511kev). [a](3 pts) what


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) elijah wants to know whether textbook costs are different for different courses of study. he selects a random sample of 33 sociology textbooks offer


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) evaluate the following using any method. (you must show some steps for full marks) [3, 3] 6p3-2(2p1) 9!3! + 3! - 7p4-3!