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) create a matlab functionplotfun. m that plotsthe followingfunction:f(x, y) = -­?x * sin(sqrt(abs(x))) -­?y * sin(sqrt(abs(y)))the function should have the following format:plotfun(x0, x1,y0, y1), where (x0,x1) and (y0,y1) denote the domainsfor x and y, respectively. note: the function should display a plot, but should return no num Get the answer
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) describe griffith’s experiment and the “transforming principle”. b) explain avery’s findings from his experiment and list the key steps in the proc


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) determine whether the function represents exponential growth or exponential decay. explain. identify the percent rate of change. please help


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) does ghana have a competitive advantage in the telecommunication industry? your answer must include the following elements: a) a clear outline of po