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"from the earth to the moon". in jules verne’s 1865 story with this title, three men went to the moon in a shell fired from a giant cannon sunk in the earth in florida. (a) find the minimum muzzle speed needed to shoot a shell straight up to an altitude equal to the 2 times earth’s radius re. (b) find the minimum muzzle speed that would allow a shell to reach the height of the moon, 385,000 km, center of the earth to center of the moon Get the answer
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"gail trevino expects to receive a $640,000 cash benefit when she retires six years from today. ms. trevino’s employer has offered an early retirement


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"gamblers fallacy" is the belief that if people keep gambling they will eventually win big true 0r false


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"gandalf thinks that fighting ability differs between men, hobbits and elves. to test this, he counts the number of orcs kills by each species (i. e.