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"come along," said the princess hospitably. "i couldn't find anything but bread and cheese but it doesn't matter, because everything's magic here, and unless you have some dreadful secret fault the bread and cheese will turn into anything you like. what would you like?" she asked kathleen. "roast chicken," said kathleen, without hesitation. the pinky princess cut a slice of bread and laid it on a dish. "there you are," she said, "roast chicken. shall i carve it, or will you?" "you, please," said kathleen, and received a piece of dry bread on a plate. "green peas?" asked the princess, cut a piece of cheese and laid it beside the bread. kathleen began to eat the bread, cutting it up with knife and fork as you would eat chicken. it was no use owning that she didn't see any chicken and peas, or anything but cheese and dry bread, because that would be owning that she had some dreadful secret fault. "if i have, it is a secret, even from me," she told herself. the others asked for roast beef and cabbage and got it, she supposed, though to her it only looked like dry bread and dutch cheese. "i do wonder what my dreadful secret fault is," she thought, as the princess remarked that, as for her, she could fancy a slice of roast peacock. "this one, she added, lifting a second mouthful of dry bread on her fork, "is quite delicious." 8 select the correct answer. based on the passage, what inference can be made about kathleen? a. kathleen is blind and cannot see the delicious food that is placed before her during the feast. b. kathleen is a rude person who wants to offend her hostess, the princess, by disliking the food. c. kathleen is disappointed and annoyed by the plain food that is served at the princess’s feast. d. kathleen is not affected by the magic around her and can see the ordinary food just as it is. Get the answer
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"companionate" grandparents usually are all of the following except they group of answer choices a. call and visit their grandchildren, and occasiona


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"company a is a manufacturer with current sales of $3,700,000 and a 60% contribution margin. its fixed costs equal $1,810,000. company b is a consulti


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"competitive firms have a. horizontal demand curves, and they can sell as much output as they desire at the market price. b. downward-sloping demand c