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"caller id" is the feature that displays the telephone number of the caller on the telephone of the person he or she calls. with caller id now routine and widely used, it might be surprising that when the service was first available, it was very controversial because of privacy implications. (a) what aspect of privacy (in the sense of section 2.1.1) does caller id protect for the recipient of the call? what aspect of privacy does caller id violate for the caller? (b) what are some good reasons why a nonbusiness, noncriminal caller might not want his or her number displayed? Get the answer
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"capital punishment is morally acceptable if it prevents more people from being murdered." to which theory of ethics is the person who made this state


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"carl regretted his decision immediately. he wanted to see the school, the one he had tried so hard to save, one last time. he walked the empty hall


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"carter company reported the following financial numbers for one of its divisions for the year; average total assets of $4,100,000; sales of $4,525,00