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"buyer 1 enters into a contract with a seller with an option to terminate 14 days after the effective date. the effective date is january 5. the seller accepts a backup offer with the addendum for back-up contract attached from buyer 2 with an effective date of january 6, and with the date in paragraph b of the addendum filled in as january 15. buyer 1 terminates the first contract on the last day of the option period and the seller gives notice to buyer 2 on the same day. what is the status of the second contract with buyer 2?" Get the answer
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"caesar never did. a month later your regiment was routed by the continental army. the rebels fired cannons for six hours, shelling the village your s


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"calculating the ph of a solution of a weak acid; calculating the ph of the solution after the addition of strong base the ka for formic acid is 1.78


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"caller id" is the feature that displays the telephone number of the caller on the telephone of the person he or she calls. with caller id now routine