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"but we do deny it - we do deny it!" cried the elders. "for at that very time our king was sojourning at troezen on the other side of the saronic sea, and he knew nothing of the young prince's death. we ourselves managed the city's affairs while he was abroad, and we know whereof we speak. androgeos was slain, not through the king's orders but by the king's nephews, who hoped to rouse your anger against aegeus so that you would drive him from athens and leave the kingdom to one of them." -"the cruel tribute," james baldwin what is the effect of minos accusing aegeus of killing his son? the king decides to leave on a long journey. the elders admít what really happened. the nephews decide to kill androgeos. Get the answer
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"by the time jackson became president, only 125,000 native americans still lived east of the mississippi river. warfare and disease had greatly reduce


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"caesar never did. a month later your regiment was routed by the continental army. the rebels fired cannons for six hours, shelling the village your s


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"calculating the ph of a solution of a weak acid; calculating the ph of the solution after the addition of strong base the ka for formic acid is 1.78