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(20 points)liberalism and socialism winston s. churchill (st. andrew's hall, glasgow, october 11, 1906) the first indispensable condition of democratic progress must be the maintenance of european peace. war is fatal to liberalism. liberalism is the world-wide antagonist of war. we have every reason to congratulate ourselves upon the general aspect of the european situation. the friendship which has grown up between great britain and france is a source of profound satisfaction to every serious and thinking man. the first duty of a nation is to make friends with its nearest neighbor. six years ago france was agitated in the throes of the dreyfus case, and great britain was plunged in the worst and most painful period of the south african war; and both nations—conscious as we are of one another's infirmities—were inclined to express their opinion about the conduct of the other in unmeasured terms, and keen antagonism resulted. what a contrast today! ever since the king, whose services in the cause of international peace are regarded with affection in every quarter of his dominions, ever since by an act of prescience and of courage his majesty went to paris, the relations between great britain and france have steadily and progressively improved, and today we witness the inspiring spectacle of these two great peoples, the two most genuinely liberal nations in the whole world, locked together in a league of friendship under standards of dispassionate justice and international goodwill. but it is absurd to suppose that the friendship which we have established with france should be in any degree a menace to any other european power, or to the great power of germany. if the prospects on the european continent are bright and tranquil, i think we have reason to feel also contentment at the course of colonial affairs. we have had unusual difficulties in the colonies; but in spite of every effort to excite colonial apprehension for party purposes against a liberal ministry through the instrumentality of a powerful press, the great states of the empire have felt, and with more assurance every day, that a liberal administration in downing street will respect their rights and cherish their interests. which of the following best describes the purpose of the speech? a. to remind citizens about the agitations faced by britain during the south african war b. to argue over the promotion of liberalism over all other government movements c. to express gratitude over the king's contribution in building the alliance between britain and france d. to express the importance of a harmonious alliance between nations Get the answer
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(20 pts) please only answer if you are 100% sure. ty the following is an incomplete paragraph proving that the opposite sides of parallelogram abcd a


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(20 point question) samantha wants to use her savings of $1,150 to buy shirts and watches for her family. the total price of the shirts she bought was


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(20 points!) a cone has a slant height of 6in and a lateral surface area of 47.1 sqaure inches. what is the length of the radius of the cone. use 3.14