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(12 points) robert parish corporation purchased a new machine for its assembly process on january 1, 2014. the cost of this machine was $215,900. the company estimated that the machine would have a salvage value of $15,900 at the end of its service life. its life is estimated at 4 years, and its working hours are estimated at 40,000 hours. year-end is december 31.instructionscompute the depreciation expense under the following methods and complete the depreciation schedules below. (a) straight-line depreciation.(b) activity method for 2014 and 2015, assuming that machine usage was 15,000 hours for 2014; 11,710 hours for 2015; 12,150 hours for 2016 and 1,140 hours for 2017.(c) sum-of-the-years'-digits.(d) double-declining-balance. Get the answer
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(13 points) (show your work) jordan is a biologist. she is going to randomly select one animal from her lab to study. there are 55 salamanders, 33 cra


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(13) 7-5.30 sat up & solve percent increase the manager of an online news service received the report on the number of subscriptions sold by the


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(14 the wheelbase of a car is 3-3 m, and the centre of mass is 1 2 m in front of the rear axle and 0-75 m above the ground-level. the coefficient of f