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(1) there are nearly 5,000 species of lizards. (2) they can be found on all continents except antarctica (3) they have limbs external ears unlike snakes what is the best way to add the dependent clause above to sentence 3? oa. they have limbs and external ears, but unlike snakes. ob. they have unlike snakes limbs and external ears. oc. unlike snakes, they have limbs and external ears. od. they have limbs and unlike snakes external ears. Get the answer
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Torquil Vilhelm 55 Minutes ago

(1) tremendous growth has strained hays county in a number of ways. they include traffic, congested roads, housing construction, and water supplies. (


Mona Eva 1 Hours ago

(1) trong ?êm tr??c ngày khai tr??ng c?a con, tâm tr?ng c?a ng??i m? và ??a con khác nhau nh? th? nào ? giúp mik v?i ak


Sagi Boris 1 Hours ago

(1) universal health care should be adopted by every country around the world. (2) over 100 million people become poor every year because of healthcar