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(1) patience is not required to achieve one's goals. (2) one reason for this is that people can always make up any lack of patience with passion. (3) for example, my cousin's sister was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis last year. (4) my cousin was very upset, and the first way he thought to help her was to raise money for a multiple sclerosis charity. (5) he wanted to raise $10,000 for the charity. (6) everyone told him that it would take a while to do that. (7) he did not have the patience to wait that long. (8) he wanted to help now! (9) his passion for doing something to help his sister drove him as he set up a website, rounded up friends to help him, and contacted dozens of business and community leaders very quickly. (10) he raised the money in just two weeks! (11) his passion made any sense of patience completely unnecessary which sentence most effectively revises sentence 6 to strengthen the evidence? everyone told him that it would take two weeks to raise $10,000. a few people told him that it would take a while to do that several people warned him that it could take months or even years to raise that much money, everyone told him that he would not have the patience to raise the money. Get the answer
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(1) playing a team sport such as soccer or lacrosse can help a child learn important life skills, such as sportsmanship, loyalty, and discipline. (2)


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(1) prompt the user to enter five numbers, being five people's weights. store the numbers in an array of doubles. output the array's numbers on one li


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(1) record the investment in sub. (2) prepare a value analysis schedule. (3) prepare a determination and distribution of excess schedule for the inves