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(08.03)consider the following pair of equations: y = ?2x + 8 y = x ? 1 explain how you will solve the pair of equations by substitution. show all the steps and write the solution in (x, y) form. Get the answer
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(08.04)the following data show the scores of some students in a competition: 13 points 24 points 31 points 24 points 27 points 23 points 11 points whi


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(08.05 lc) in a study of 205 adults, the average heart rate was 75 beats per minute. assume the population of heart rates is known to be approximatel


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(08.05 mc) a solution has a [h30+1 of 1 x 10- 3m. what is the [oh-] of the solution? (5 points) 11m 1x 10-11 m 1x 10-24m 14 m