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(08.01 lc) the track-and-field coach wants to know whether the students in the entire school prefer track races or field events. the coach draws a random sample from the following groups: all students in each grade all teachers in the school all boys in each grade in the school all students on the track-and-field team which group best represents the population she should take a random sample from to get the best results for her survey? Get the answer
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(08.01 mc)below are the data collected from two random samples of 500 american adults on the number of hours they spend doing leisure and sports activ


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(08.01) conducting a survey best fits which step of the statistical process? (4 points) form a question that can be answered by data. design and imple


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(08.01) line h is represented by the following equation: 2x + 2y = 8 what is most likely the equation for line k so the set of equations has infinitel