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(06.05 mc) a restaurant did a survey among 100 customers to find their food preferences. the customers were asked about their preferences for chocolate cake or cheesecake. out of the total 50 people who liked chocolate cake, 15 also liked cheesecake. there were 25 people who liked cheesecake. part a: summarize the data by writing the values that the letters a to i in the table below represent. like chocolate cake do not like chocolate cake total like cheesecake a d g do not like cheesecake b e h total c f i part b: what percentage of the survey respondents did not like either chocolate cake or cheesecake? part c: do the survey results reveal a greater dislike for chocolate cake or cheesecake? justify your answer. Get the answer
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(06.05 mc)mars's atmosphere is divided into layers including the troposphere, mesosphere, thermosphere, etc. the thermosphere is the layerthat is furt


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(06.05) males and females (ages 13-18) were surveyed to choose a favorite free-time activity: playing computer games, listening to music, or watching


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(06.06 m) based on the graph, what is one solution of the equation f(x) = g(x)? f(x) g(x) 236 326 -2 -15 las 0 ox=-3.5 ox=1 ox=0.25 x = -2