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(06.03 mc) which description explains why there are two spring tides per month? group of answer choices earth rotates in and out of a tidal bulge created by gravitational forces. earth revolves around the tidal bulges created by gravitational forces. earth moves closer to the sun and moon twice a month. earth, the moon, and the sun are aligned twice a month. Get the answer
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(06.03)which of the following is true of the data represented by the box plot? (2 points)1009080706050403020100a. the data is skewed to the bottom and


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(06.04 hc) a figure is located at (2, 0), (2, ?2), and (6, 0) on a coordinate plane. what kind of 3-d shape would be created if the figure was rotated


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(06.04 mc) find the area of the following shape. you must show all work to receive credit. (10 points) figure abcdef is shown. a is located at 5, 6.