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(06.02 a six-sided number cube labeled 1 through 6 is rolled 600 times. an odd number is rolled 272 times. compare the experimental probability of rolling an odd number with the relative frequency of rolling an odd number and select one of the statements below that best describes the situation (5 points) the experimental probabity and relative frequency are the same o the experimental probability is larger than the relative frequency the experiment probabity is smaller than the relative frequency o there is not enough information to determine the relative frequency question 4 5 pts Get the answer
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(06.02 mc) you are leading an effort to reduce the formation of a dead zone in the gulf of mexico during the summer. you are tasked with selecting w


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(06.02 mc) the lengths of two sides of a triangle are shown side 1: 8x2 - 5x - 2 side 2: 7x - x + 3 the perimeter of the triangle is 4x3 - 3x2 + 2x -


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(06.02 mc) the orbital radii of four planets in our solar system are shown in the following table. orbital radii planet orbital radii (au) w 5.2 x 0.