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(05.04 lc) look at the image, read, and choose the option with the correct adjective to complete the sentence. juanjo es trabajador y cariñoso con la familia, pero « but » no tiene muchos amigos. él prefiere leer y escuchar música en su casa. juanjo es . Get the answer
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(05.04 lc) which of these describes how traits are shown on a branching tree diagram? all the traits developed at the same time. the traits developed


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(05.04 lc) triangle pqr with side p across from angle p, side q across from angle q, and side r across from angle r if ?r measures 18°, q equals 9.5,


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(05.04 lc)the image below is a triangle drawn inside a circle with center o:6 incheso4 inches3 incheswhich of the following expressions shows the area