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(02.05 mc) but when a long train of abuses and usurpations… it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security. read this passage from the declaration of independence. which of the following actions does the passage justify? benedict arnold worked secretly for great britain. benjamin franklin served as ambassador to france. john adams helped make peace with the british after the revolution. george washington led the continental army. question 2(multiple choice worth 5 points) (02.05 mc) what was one reason that patriots were more willing to go to war with britain than the loyalists? loyalists believed great britain safeguarded their religious rights in the colonies. loyalists believed american representatives in parliament were corrupt. patriots had closer political and business ties to transatlantic trade with great britain. patriots were more likely than loyalists to believe in the idea of consent of the governed. question 3(multiple choice worth 5 points) (02.05 mc) why were loyalists willing to support continued british rule but patriots were not? loyalists believed the british government protected their rights, but patriots disagreed. loyalists usually had close personal ties to great britain, but patriots did not. patriots argued that citizens must give up freedoms to ensure security, but loyalists disagreed. patriots were well educated about political and economic ideas, but loyalists were not. question 4(multiple choice worth 5 points) (02.05 lc) which important revolutionary-era document did george mason write? common sense declaration of independence virginia declaration of rights federalist papers question 5(multiple choice worth 5 points) (02.05 mc) taxation without representation is tyranny. why did james otis make this statement? he believed that america's representatives in parliament were corrupt. he was a loyalist who supported british taxes after the war with france. he believed american colonists should be able to vote in parliament. he was the head of the massachusetts committee of correspondence. you must check the box below prior to submitting your exam! check this box to indicate you are ready to submit your exam explorer toolbox workload my folders current course: 3933 fdk441.10 previous questionnext question Get the answer
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(02.05)the figure shows three quadrilaterals on a coordinate grid: a coordinate plane is shown with three quadrilaterals. figure m has four sides th


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(02.06 lc) if one pint is the same amount as 2 cups, how many cups are in 6 pints? numerical answers expected! answer for blank 1:


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(02.06 mc) henry's rocket is designed to launch to a height of 100 feet in the air. the measurements so far have the launch height (h) varying no mor