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(02.01 lc) (30 points explain your answer!!) what does the idea of "natural rights" mean? (3 points) select one: a. government has a right to rule because the citizens consent. b. government authority is more important than citizens' rights. c. people are born with rights that cannot be taken away. d. people have the right to choose who will lead their country. Get the answer
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(02.01 mc) jessica is traveling from miami, florida, to chicago, illinois. using the map, tell what the land will be like during the first half of he


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(02.01)the ratio of x's to o's is 15 over 10. . use the image below to determine another ratio for x's to o's: a. 2 over 3 b. 3 over 2 c. 10 over 15


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(02.01, 02.02 hc) graph a triangle (stu) and reflect it over the y-axis to create triangle s?t?u?. describe the transformation using words. make sure