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((~ ^^ help me out? ^^ ~)) read the stanza from "twelfth song of thunder.” the voice that beautifies the land! the voice below; the voice of the grasshopper among the plants again and again it sounds, the voice that beautifies the land. which message does the repetition in the stanza make clear? the sound of the grasshopper makes the landscape more wondrous. the sound of the grasshopper is difficult for some people to hear. the sound of the grasshopper indicates that it enjoys eating plants. the sound of the grasshopper can sometimes mean trouble. Get the answer
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() during the 1920s, several movements contributed to social change. match the correct movement on the right to the social change it describes. enhan


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() est-ce que tu trouves ce pantalon ? – il est joli, non ? select one: a. comment b. quelle c. quel d. combien


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()) dakota has $42,972 in a savings account. the interest rate is 15% per year and is not compounded. how much interest will she earn in 9 months?