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( please help it's a letter writing ) 1.drinking water is becoming a rare commodity. industrial development is filling our rivers, seas and oceans with toxic pollutants which are a major threat to human health. you as a student is deeply saddened to see water pollution as an appalling problem, which is powerful enough to lead the world on a path of destruction. write a letter to the people of london , to make them aware about the causes of water pollution and also suggest measures to prevent water pollution. (about 100 -120 words) you may use the clues given below: • industrial waste • sewage and waste water • mining activities • accidental oil leakage •prevent river water to get polluted • treatment of wastes before discharge •publicawareness Get the answer
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( solving rates problem) a flywheel rotates at a rate of 1500 revolutions per minute. - how many revolutions does the flywheel make in 15 minutes? ho


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( spring board ) what is the most compelling claim that the author makes in the first paragraph about the cultural conflict in values illustrated by


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( the most points i can give you ) what do you think frederick douglass meant when he said, “they could kill him, but they could not answer him”? ps i