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> ?? a not secure chemcollective. org/activities/autograded/115 page loaded on friday 16. jul 2021 15:43:34 coffee during the summer after your first year at carnegie mellon, you are lucky enough to get a job making coffee at starbucks, but you tell your parents and friends that you have secured a lucrative position as a "java engineer." an eccentric chemistry professor (not mentioning any names) stops in every day and orders 200ml of sumatran coffee at precisely 60.0°c. you then need to add enough milk at 7.00°c to drop the temperature of the coffee, initially at 85.0°c, to the ordered temperature. calculate the amount of milk (in ml) you must add to reach this temperature. show all your work in the provided spaces. in order to simplify the calculations, you will start by assuming that milk and coffee have the specific heat and density as if water. in the following parts, you will remove these simplifications. solve now this problem assuming the density is 1.000 g/ml for milk and coffee and their specific heat capacity is 4.184 j//g °c). hint: the coffee is in an insulated travel mug, so no heat escapes. to insulate a piece of glassware in virtual lab, mac-users should command-click (or open-apple click) on the beaker or flask; windows users should right click on the beaker or flask. from the menu that appears choose "thermal properties." check the box labeled "insulated from surroundings." the temperature of the solution in that beaker or flask will remain constant. use the virtual lab to verify your answer, virtual lab file - edit - view - help - en coffee stockroom workbench 1 Get the answer
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> compass learning student dashboard timeless x theleamingodyssey. com/dlo/playeraspt/4 during january, there were about 2000 cases of flu reporte


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> complete the sentences to describe what happens in this part of the story. the the proctor has (blank) game by showing his hand first. he chooses


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> find the value of x 30 + 15x 34 + 11x classifying triangles. how do i find the value of x of an isosceles triangle?