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$81 variable costs per unit: direct materials fixed costs per year: direct labor fixed manufacturing overhead... fixed selling and administrative.. $280,000 $1,480,000 $442,000 13. tish corporation manufactures and sells one product. the information shown pertains to the company's first year of operations. the company doesn't have any variable manufacturing overhead costs or variable selling and administrative costs. during its first year of operations, the company produced 20,000 units and sold 13,000 units. the company's only product is sold for $242 per unit. what's the net operating income for the year under super- variable costing? o a. $(109,000) o b. $(11,000) o c. $(676,000) o d. $507,000 ? Get the answer
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$986 in revenue for a play. tickets for the play cost $10 for adults and $6 for students. the number of students attending the play was latex: \frac{3


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$java source, inc. (jsi) buys coffee beans from around the world and roasts, blends, and packages them for resale. some of jsi's coffees are very popu


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% composition of dry air component % nitrogen 78.08 oxygen 20.95 carbon dioxide 0.04 argon and others 0.93 total 100.00 if the total pressure of dry a