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# of pens cost of box 12- $25 50- $ ? 100- $175 the partially filled chart above shows the costof three sizes of boxes of pens sold by an office supply store. as the number of pens in a box increases, the cost per pen decreases. of the following, which could be the total cost of a box of 50 pens? $75 $85 $95 $105 Get the answer
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Giiwedin Frigyes 55 Minutes ago

#!/bin/python3 import sys import os #write detector implementation #write isin implementation #write closure function implementation for detect30 and


Torquil Vilhelm 1 Hours ago

##python##spiral_matrix(rows: int, cols: int, start: int) -> staticarray: no python built-in functions. only use the pre-defined staticarray class


Sarah Aksinia 1 Hours ago

##run , cut , send, dram, drink, cook, write, sell, ride, eat. ##i want some simple present sentence from those word