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"write a method called deleteperson that removes a person from the database. the parameters will be first name and last name. print out on the console the data from the record that is being deleted. use your findallpeople method to verify that that person has been removed from the database. consider what this method should return. suppose the person is not found, should the method return that information somehow" Get the answer
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"write the set of ordered pairs that is represented by the arrow diagram at the right. is the relation a function? explain."does anyone know the answ


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"write two equations: one parallel, one perpendicular to (5,-2) y= 1/5x-3 write in the form y=mx±b, y=mx±b (first the parallel, then the perpendicul


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"write your outline for your research paper. be specific so that you know what main ideas to include and which supporting details will aid in providin