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"well, to tell you the truth, i was real upset for a while there. but my papa told me it don't do no good sitting around being mad. then i seen how things was. i mean, i should've seen it all along. after all, i'm who i am and you're who you are." lillian jean looked at me with astonishment that i could see the matter so clearly. "well, i'm glad you finally learned the way of things." —roll of thunder, hear my cry, mildred d. taylorbased on this passage, what appears to be helping this friendship start? Get the answer
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"what we saw” is set in the future on an imaginary planet. how can readers who live on earth in 2017 identify with the characters in the story?


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"what a given group of people appreciates" are their . a. cultural contexts b. culture shock c. cultural education d. cultural values please select th


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"what are the principles on which that settlement is to be effected? are we to lapse back into the old national rivalries, animosities, and competitiv