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"united states v. susan b. anthony: justice ward hunt's court ruling:" how does the case of bradwell v. state described in paragraph 4 add to the development of justice hunt's ruling? "the case of bradwell v. state decided at the recent term of the supreme court, sustains both of the positions above put forth, viz., first, that the rights referred to in the fourteenth amendment are those belonging to a person as a citizen of the united states and not as a citizen of a state; and second, that a right of the character here involved is not one connected with citizenship of the united states. mrs. bradwell made application to be admitted to practice as an attorney and counsellor at law in the courts of illinois. her application was denied, and, upon a writ of error, it was held by the supreme court, that, to give jurisdiction under the fourteenth amendment, the claim must be of a right pertaining to citizenship of the united states, and that the claim made by her did not come within that class of cases. justices bradley, swayne, and field held that a woman was not entitled to a license to practice law. it does not appear that the other judges passed upon that question. the fourteenth amendment gives no right to a woman to vote, and the voting by miss anthony was in violation of law." a) the supreme court denied women the right to practice law and thus they cannot vote either. b) the decision on who gets to practice law is similarly up to a particular state and was not changed by the fourteenth amendment. c) the case demonstrates that anthony would not be allowed to vote in illinois as well. d) justice hunt is addressing anthony's choice to be represented in court by a woman as not helping her case. Get the answer
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"unlike the other candidates, who stammered andstuttered their way through their speeches, lilli waseloquent." what is the best definition for "eloque


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"until lions have their historians, tales of the hunt shall always glorify the hunters." - african proverb rephrase the quote? what did you learn fro


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"until the lion has a voice, stories of safaris will always glorify the hunter." how can you use this proverb to explain chinua achebe's purpose in wr