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"the basic idea of this book is simple: to tell the story of the crusades as they were seen, lived, and recorded on the other side'- in other words, in the arab camp. its content is based almost exclusively on the testimony of contemporary arab historians and chroniclers...source: amin mallouf, the crusades through arab eyes, al saqi books" this source is most likely to include which of the following claims about the crusades? * Get the answer
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"the boy who harnessed the wind" question of the day: 2. how did the villagers compensate for not having electricity, telephones, or most of the moder


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"the captain of a rafting boat takes his crew down river for 6 hours, covering a total of 56 miles. when he realizes he left one of his passengers beh


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"the cat sat on the mat" is an example of a sentence. clause cause and effect conjunction compound simple