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"the chinese civil service exam system" by ichisada miyazaki reading questions & discussion prompts what evidence suggests that china’s society was highly patriarchal? what were boys expected to learn and study as part of their preparations for the exams? list at least five things. (hint: there are several examples from pgs. 288-290) at what age did formal education begin? how did some students and tutors find shortcuts to learning? how did the chinese government react to these shortcuts? how do students take shortcuts to learning today? give an example. what general purpose did the civil service exams play? why did sui rulers embrace this system? what problems did the chinese aristocracy cause? what are some positive effects of the tang dynasty examination system? Get the answer
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"the crisis number 1" served as inspiration to american troops during which war? select the best answer from the choice provided. a. the american re


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"the declaration of independence" - close reading in the passage, highlight parts of the text that mention aspects of good government and parts that


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"the diary of anne frank tells the story of a brave young woman who tried to see the good in all people." this quote would be considered the of this