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"synthesis gas" is a mixture of carbon monoxide and water vapor. at high temperature synthesis gas will form carbon dioxide and hydrogen, and in fact this reaction is one of the ways hydrogen is made industrially. a chemical engineer studying this reaction fills a 25l tank with 12.mol of carbon monoxide gas and 7.6mol of water vapor. when the mixture has come to equilibrium he determines that it contains 7.6mol of carbon monoxide gas, 3.2mol of water vapor and 4.4mol of carbon dioxide. the engineer then adds another 4.0mol of water, and allows the mixture to come to equilibrium again. calculate the moles of hydrogen after equilibrium is reached the second time. round your answer to 2 significant digits. Get the answer
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"tell a story" painting simple/compound sentences provide 10 sentences of details for this painting. alternate between simple and compound sentences.


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"tell us what happened." t. j. began to cry. "but they said they'd do worse than this if i ever told!" "well, i ain't about to go nowhere unless i kn


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"terrell's suggestion to hold sergeant sheila estrada’s welcome-home celebration at a bowling alley went over like a lead balloon," said cheryl. terre