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"on the ship, now traveling north past augusta, you knock your cold pipe against the railing, shaking dottle from its bowl, then reach into your coat for the scrap of paper that was so difficult to earn. behind you, other refugees are bedding down for the night, covering themselves and their children with blankets. you wait until one of the hands on deck passes a few feet beyond where you stand, then you unfold the paper with fingers stiffened by the cold. in the yellowish glow of the ship’s lantern, tracing the words with your forefinger, shaping your lips silently to form each syllable, you read: this is to certify to whomfoever2 it may concern, that the bearer hereof . . . alexander freeman . . . a negro, reforted to the britifh lines, in confequence of the proclamations of sir william howe, and sir henry clinton, late commanders in chief in america; and that the faid negro has hereby his excellency sir benjamin hampton’s permiffion to go to novascotia, or wherever elfe he may think proper . . . by order of brigadier general ruttledge the document, dated april 1783, brings a broad smile to your lips. once your ship lands, and you find a home, you will frame this precious deed of manumission.3 at least in this sense, your gamble paid off. and for now you still prefer the adopted name alexander freeman to the one given you at birth—dorothy." question: what does the narrator mean in the last sentance? how does the choice of the second-person point of view help the author preserve the ambiguity surrounding the main character’s identity? please include evidence. Get the answer
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"one of our longstanding cross-functional teams is being led by ingrid. she is very knowledgeable and highly organized, so we would like to keep her i


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"one year ago, the jenkins family fun center deposited $4,400 into an investment account for the purpose of buying new equipment four years from today


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"only one remains." ryan signals to his brother from his hiding place. matt nods in acknowledgement, spotting the last evil robot. "34 degrees." matt