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"look at you," mrs. jameson said, when i told her how i'd remembered that story from english class, "making use of those 'stu---' stories from english class. now all you have to do is write your own because your friends aren't going to believe how english class saved your life!" 10 the last paragraph of the story is best summarized by which of the following statements? a. mrs. jameson thinks the stories english teachers assign students to read are stupid. b. mrs. jameson compliments josh on his reading and encourages him to write. c. mrs. jameson tells josh that his friends are not good because they will think he lies. d. neither mrs. jameson nor josh has any respect for fiction or the power of stories. Get the answer
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"lottery" how does the townspeople view of the lottery differ from the reader’s understanding of this ritual?


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"love story" (excerpts) by taylor swift: i'm standing there on a balcony in summer air. see the lights, see the party, the ball gowns. see you make


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"love and belonging are essential to the human experience. as i conducted my interviews, i realized that only one thing separated the men and women wh