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.a particle moving in a straight line passes through a fixed point o. the displacement, x metres, of the particle, t seconds after it passes through o, is given by x= 1 + 2 sint. (1) find an expression for the velocity, vms-¹ at time t..when the particle is first at instantaneous rest, find(ii) the value of t,(iii) its displacement and acceleration.? Get the answer
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.acef is a parallelogram. b is the midpoint of ac. m is the midpoint of be. show that amd is a straight line. ?


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.asap. do you think that atticus & his children were successful in creating some positive change in the excerpt you just read? incorporate 2 text


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.at&t100%2:16 pmdocs. google. com1 point3. identify the event that mostdirectly contributed to theperpetration of the holocaust.(a)sept. 15, 1935