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. this is simon's 2nd time being charged with the theft of his neighbor's car. the first court case said that simon was "not guilty" but the cops refuse to believe the judge. what rights from the bill of rights is being violated? 5th amendment: right to not be tried for the same crime twice ? ? 2nd amendment: right to own a gun 7th amendment: right to a trial of your peers 6th amendment: right to a speedy trial Get the answer
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. three boats are out at sea: boat a, boat b, and boat c. the crew of boat a can see both boat b and boat c. the angle between the line of sight to b


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. tiffany, who is opening in a new broadway show, has some limo trouble in the city. with only 8 minutes until curtain time, she hops in an uber and t


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. tiga loceng akan berbunyi pada masa yang sama. loceng itu masing-masing berbunyi setiap 2 saat, 3 saat dan 4 saat. selepas berapa saatkah kesemua lo