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. the president of venezuela announced that the country would be devaluating the bolivar for the fifth time in nine years. the official rate is falling from 4.3 bolivars to the dollar, to 6.3, a 32% devaluation. by increasing the bolivar value of exports of oil to the us and other nations, the government hopes to alleviate a budget crisis caused by its increasing reliance on borrowing to meet spending obligations. in response to the announcement, the people of venezuela lined up today to buy televisions, electronics, and airline tickets in order to protect themselves from projected price increases. by devaluating the bolivar, the president of venezuela has followed the law of supply and demand. allowed the exchange rate to remain unchanged. increased the number of bolivars needed to buy one dollar. decreased the number of bolivars needed to buy one dollar. Get the answer
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. the story of dna was told in one way by james watson and another way by anne sayre. what were the titles of these two books?


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. the teacher decides that no student can win twice, so she removes the tickets of the first winner before drawing the second winner. what is the prob


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. the time taken by a randomly selected applicant for a mortgage to fill out a certain form has a normal probability distribution with average time 10