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. problems and applications q7 consider a monopolistically competitive market with n firms. each firm's business opportunities are described by the following equations: demand: q=100n?p marginal revenue: mr=100n?2q total cost: tc=50+q2 marginal cost: mc=2q as n rises, the demand for each firm's product . how many units does each firm produce? 400n 25n 25 25n what price does each firm charge? 125n 75n 75n 100n how much profit does each firm make? 50+625n2 1,875n2 2,500n2?50 1,250n2?50 in the long run, firms will exist in this market. Get the answer
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. quan ?i?m cho r?ng: “??n m?t th?i gian nào ?ó con ng??i có kh? n?ng nh?n th?c tính vô t?n, tuy?t ??i và v?nh vi?n c?a th? gi?i”. quan ?i?m ?ó ?úng h


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. rl.2 part a: which sentence describes the main theme of the short story? a. people often give others an identity based on how they look. b. where yo


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. ram solved 2/7 part of an exercise while shyam solved 1/5 of it. who solved greater part and by how much? fast please ?